We sell our Internet and Voice services at a wholesale prices so that you can make your own profit

Our Company is growing at the fast pace and we would like to share our success with hardworking Individuals and companies around Mahikeng and surrounding Areas. with sky rocket of unemployment in our country we decided to empower our communities with employment and business ventures with our unique reseller program.


Becoming an Internet Service Provider in South Africa is no easy feat.  You need a couple of Million to invest in the infrastructure and network.  Then you haven’t even considered staffing costs, marketing, websites and management tools.  Surely there must be an easier and more affordable way?


Partners can choose their preferred level of participation and whether they want to sell the products and services under their own brand or leverage the already established Fontel brand. Regardless of what your needs or business goals are, we’ve got a solution that will work for you



1 1.   Reseller Programme


Fontel is offering reseller programme that is designed for an Individual or business wanting to resell our products and services under their own brand, ie: White-Labelled. The reseller would contract directly with their customer, choose their own rates for the services and be require to do the billing and support to their customers.




2 2.   Partner Programme


Our Partner programme is designed for an Individual or business that does not have the capacity to invoice and support Fontel services for their customers but would like to be interact with the customer about Fontel services. With the partner programme, the partner acts as an “Account Manager” and maintains continuous contact with the customer, facilitates any support or service questions and provides assistance with product selection or change.


Our Channel programmes including training, regular meetings, customer meetings if required, solution scoping and design or any other assistance needed to ensure we provide the right solution for the customer.


What are the benefits of becoming Fontel reseller partner

  • Become your own Boss, Customers see you as a provider and not us.
  • Make money and more money in return of connecting the community
  • We charge you in bulk and you charge your customers with your own amount
  • We sell our services at the wholesale prices so that you can make profit by charging the market value
  • You bill and Invoice your customers
  • We provide 24/7 support to our partners
  • you don’t have to know the ins and outs of the Internet because we do the installation and setup behind the scene
  • DATA is too expensive, selling it at affordable price will guarantee you customers
  • Our Nerwork has been built with three things in mind – high speed, stability and affordability

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I join the Fontel Reseller Partner Programme?

Be your own Boss with our Reseller Partner Programme, we give you access to world-class products and services, enabling you to meet your customers every need.

Are there any fees/minimum quantities involved in joining?

No, our Reseller Programme attracts no start-up, ongoing or ad hoc fees.

How do I qualify to be Fontel Reseller partner?

Any hardworking Individual older than 18 or any registered company that want to make extra profit can qualify to be Fontel Reseller.

Will I do physical Installations?

No!, you are the Boss, Fontel will do all the Installation and setup behind the scene.

How much is the Installation cost?

We don’t charge Installation but you can charge you customers and make profit on the go, Installation costs range from R1500 to R4000.

How much will I charge customers for Internet and Voice services

We provide wholesale Internet and voice services at the lower price so that you can sell to your customers at your preferred market value.

Do you provide training?

Yes, We do provide two days product, services and customer service training

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